Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day of greatness!

We've had Chessidy home for 3 weeks now and life seems pretty darn great.  God has sure blessed our family with 2 sweet and cute little girls.  3 weeks later my body is still feeling like it birthed a 9 pound baby.  I've had a pretty difficult postpartum time, especially compared to postpartum after Ila.  I've had a bladder infection, continued bleeding and few "episodes" of excruciating rib pain that I think turned out to be gas.  There is also internal pain where Chessidy's head sat for months (which is pretty much my cervix/uterus area).  Other then the physical aspect of things though postpartum has been good.  Not too emotional or hormonal, and I seemed to be able to catch my hormonal moments before they get too crazy!  Ila and I have had some rough nap time sessions but we're hoping to get them sorted out with some sort of reward system, yet to be determined.

We are getting ready to close on our house.  Tomorrow we do that last of the paper work before we close, and we should actually close on Friday or the following Monday.  We are going to paint the girls room and we are hoping to re-carpet if we can find any for a good price.  But other then those 2 cosmetic things, the house is move in ready and super awesome. I'm excited to show you pictures once we are in and settled.  Better yet, you should all come to our house warming party that the Realtor throws us!  

This Mother's Day was my best yet.  Let me give you the run down of festivities:

-Thursday night Trent came home from work with a yellow mini rose plant for me, 3 bottles of wine and some other yummy treats!
-Friday Night was Murecker (A fun filled night with Aunt Telcia and Uncle Jon, usually including dinner, playing time and a movie, and of course hilarious and/or deep meaningful conversation) night with delicious fish tacos and the movie Starsky & Hutch (to begin our "cop trilogy" set).
-Saturday was the drive-in movie with our awesomely behaved daughters (woot!) and Uncle Jon and Aunt Telcia. We saw The Avengers and it was AWESOME!
-Sunday we woke up with sick girls (they've been sick for a few days, but seemed pretty terrible this morning).  After feeding CHessidy, I fell back asleep and woke up to the sound of the dishes being done.  When I finally made it out of the bedroom I walked into a clean kitchen.  Thank you awesome husband of mine :)
-Then it was on to lunch with my dad, who was driving through Twin Falls with the U-Haul full of my grandparents stuff (my mom's parents are moving to Boise!)
-After lunch we went to Hands On, which is a ceramic painting place.  We picked 4 soup bowls and had a grand time painting them.  I'm excited to pick them up on Thursday and see how they turned out!
-Onto Starbucks for frappicino happy hour, where I was treated to a very large, decaf frap. of deliciousness.
-When we got home the girls went down for naps and I drove 3 minutes away to free internet and watched a show and then went home.
-Now we are at Marma and Poppy's celebrating Mother's Day with Marma.  

It sure is great being a mother.  Thank you Lord for bringing me two beautiful children and for a husband who made me feel super duper great on this Mother's Day!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Chessidy, Ila, house.

Today Chessidy is 2 weeks old!  What a wonderful 2 weeks it has been.  She mostly sleeps and eats, but we sure enjoy our time together.  Chessidy also has developed her cry from dinosaurish to an all out scream, it is pretty vicious, but we love her none the less for it!  She likes to stay curled up like she was in the womb still and loves being held against a chest, but she sleeps nicely in her bassinet, for 4-6 hours at night.  I sure appriciate that!  So far we have not had night and day mix-up problems, and I hope it stays that way.

Ila loves being a big sister most of the time. She is adjusting well, but has a hard time when mommy is feeding Chessidy for the umpteenth time in a day.  I do my best to spend good quality time with her in-between feeds and cleaning at what not.  Ila helps me with laundry and in the kitchen some, so that is fun.

Trent is still loving his job.  I'm loving mine.  We are in the process or buying a house, and it is supposed to close on the 24th of this month if all goes well.  It's a pretty great house, so we hope all does go well.  I'm not looking forward to moving for the 9th time in 4 years but I'm looking forward to living in our own home, and hoping that it means we'll be in one place for awhile!