Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving Story

We spent this Thanksgiving at home with our small little family. We had ground turkey tacos in lieu of the traditional turkey meal, and they were tasty! We also wanted to start a Thanksgiving tradition of our own, so we decided to write a short story.

A lot of Ila's clothes have giraffes on them, and that inspired us to write about a giraffe! So please enjoy our Thanksgiving story!

Gabby the Giraffe

Not so long ago in a wild jungle, Gabby the Giraffe took her first steps. Soon she was bobbling along making conversations with the butterflies and other skittering animals and bugs she found all along the way to the pond for a drink.

When she arrived at the pond Gabby had gabbed with so many animals that she had lost her way.

How would she ever get home?

First she asked a frog, “Do you know where my home is?”

“Do you live on a lily pad?” The frog rebutted.

“No,” said Gabby, “I don’t.”

“I’m sorry, I hope you find your way,” croaked the frog as he hopped away.

Gabby hoped that sooner or later someone would be able to help her find her way home. So she plodded along until she bumped into some more animals that might be able to help her out. No one seemed to know where giraffes live. Monkeys live next to the banana trees, elephants live behind the big pond, lions live out by the big shade tree, and zebras live in the meadow.

It was getting to be lunch time and Gabby had talked to a lot of animals, but she still didn’t know where to go. Just then she happened across some musk oxen munching on their lunch. They didn’t know where she lived either but they asked her to stick around and keep them company while they finished eating. Gabby gladly hung out. She liked talking to the other animals, and she had a long neck so she could see a lot further than the other animals in case danger was coming.

“Hey, that’s it,” she exclaimed. “I can find my way home by using my great neck to see where I’ve been and to see where I must go!”

The musk oxen finished eating their lunch, and so did Gabby. Then she stretched her neck out and scouted around the jungle with her eager little eyes until she saw a familiar grove of trees and some other long necks sticking out of those trees.

“That’s my home,” she said to herself, and off she scampered to catch up with her family and tell them all about her day.