Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A big month for our 8 month old!

Ila, you are 8 months old now! Time is flying by as we watch you grow and we enjoy and cherish every moment!
You have had a VERY big month! You got your first 2 teeth, the bottom front teeth in one weekend. They finally cut through your gums on Father's day/ your Grandpa's birthday. You teeth like a champion, needing just a little bit of Tylenol to help with the little fever you got for a few days.
On your 8 month birthday and your Poppy's 60th birthday you tried table food for the first time. You've been enjoying pureed foods fed to you by mommy, daddy or a willing grandparent or 2 for a few months now, but you hadn't tried feeding yourself yet! we gave you some rice and you LOVED trying to fed yourself and feeling like you were a part of the dinner party. Most of it ended up on your arms, stuck in your palms, clinging to your jammies and a few pieces in your hair.
Those are the 3 big things you did this month!

You seem to have a love for books, and always want to grab the pages or chew on the covers. You are content playing by yourself with toys for a short period of time, but you like it when people look at you and talk to you from time to time while you play. You love music! You love it when people sing or whistle and you love your toys that play music. You especially like playing your little piano. You have even accidentally whistled a few times too!
You are really enjoying the special time you get to spend with Uncle Jon (and his awesome watch) and Aunt Telcia, who loves to "rescue" you from your naps (she comes and gets you when you wake up). Aunt Telcia REALLY helped teach you how to get crawling.

Your personality is coming through more and more everyday, and you seem to be pretty easy going. You don't fuss unless you are tired or hungry. When you are sleepy you grab at any face that comes near you and try to eat it too! It's pretty cute, but it can hurt too, since your hands are pretty strong little pinchers!
You've recently figured out when you've had enough milk so you stop before you are so full that you spit up a bunch!
You love when people hold your hands and walk you around, and are starting to enjoy standing up while holding onto the couch, chair, or nearby leg.

Lately you've been yelling, not because you are upset, but because you are excited, or you see something you want. It's a really explosive yell, and I think you inherited it from me!

We love you Ila, and are looking forward to another month of growth!