Sunday, August 21, 2011


I'm sure you would love to read about how Ila likes to to somersaults

or about how Aunt Telcia and Uncle Jon came to visit Ila (and Trent, and me).

You may even like to hear about Aunt Tawna visiting, with her kiddos

but so much fun was had by all that I can hardly begin to blog it! Thanks for visiting us, we sure had fun!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

FIRE! 10 minutes, 5 things.

Last week we had a bit of a fire scare. It ended up not being a huge deal since it was put out quickly, but it could have been pretty terrible. I had a few minutes when I was not certain if our house would survive the fire, and I quickly began thinking of all the things I should grab and pack up to be ready to leave in case we did have to evacuate and our house burned up. These are the things I thought of:

-Trent and Ila's baby books
-My Great Grandma's bible
-the hard drive with several years worth of pictures on it
-as many cloth diapers that would fit in the diaper bag as possible
-my baby blanket and Ila's baby blanket that my Grams made

And that was it. Of everything in our house, those were the 5 things I thought of that I just had to grab. I find it humorous that cloth diapers were on the list because that is something very replaceable and if our house did burn down we could just get some disposable diapers at the nearest store. I guess it just goes to show how much we love cloth diapering!

I was really hoping that Trent would get home and help me save a cabinet that his dad made for his grandma, that holds the baby books and the bible, because the cabinet has a lot more special things in it as well, but I knew that if it weren't possible, I could just get the SUPER important things out!

Over the last few days I have thought of other things that would have been smart to grab (passports, birth certificates, marriage licence and similar things), but I've also thought "man we have a lot of stuff that I wouldn't even consider saving!" It sure makes me realize just how much we have and that I need to keep in check with my materialistic-ness, and what really is important (Jesus, family, relationships).

I also thought it would be fun to hear what YOU would save, so let's hear it! If there was a fire near or at your house and you had 10 minutes to grab 5 things (and your family, pets and any living member of your family was already in the car (and your keys are in the car too!) waiting to drive to safety), what would you grab? 10 minutes, 5 things. Ready, set, fire (hehehe, pun totally intended!)!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hunting down some fun!

Trent's harvest is a bit unusual this season due to the mild spring. They didn't dig any potatoes last week (but don't worry folks, there was plenty of work to keep him busy!), and after they dig one field up over the next few days, they won't dig any for another 10 days. Then after that, it will be dig, dig, dig, till all the potatoes are up. Because of this, Trent has been able to spend some time with us here and there and we even had time for an adventure today!

Our church had a work weekend up near Yakima and held the church service there, so we decided that a 2+ hour drive for church was just not going to happen (and we wouldn't have made it anyway since Trent worked from 5:30am-9am). We were thinking about going to another church just for this week but decided to hunt down our own fun in the Tri-cities. By the time we made this decision, Ila was already showing signs of needing a nap, so we laid her down a bit earlier then usual and planned to leave when she got up. Trent got a little nap too and I got to relax, so it was a good plan. A few hours later we were off to Pasco to check out Country Mercantile. It was pretty exciting and I think we'll go there some other time and let Ila ride the carousal and the mini roller coaster and fun things like that.

Then we headed to The Playground of Dreams for some fun and for a trolley ride they have during the summer (.50 cents for kids and $1 for adults!). When we got to the playground we were SHOCKED by how busy it was. After we drove around and looked at all the people we decided that Ila would have more fun at the little kid play area in the mall, so off we went. We did some window shopping and then stopped in at Barnes and Noble and I read her books for 30 minutes or so. She loves books so much! Finally we made our way over to the play area and she had a BLAST. I missed most of it because I went off to make a purchase and to get us some dinner. She apparently let Trent know she was done playing by running out of the play area (the little stinker!).

We left the mall with dinner in tow and headed to Winco, where Trent dropped me off while he ran to Walgreen's and picked up a few things and to feed Ila some dinner. Once they picked me up we headed on home.

It was a great day with no pictures (because the camera battery was dead). I sure love spending time with my little family, they are the best!