Thursday, June 21, 2012

Growing girls!

It's been two months since the Lord blessed us with Chessidy Light, and let me tell you what a delight she is! She currently weighs 13 pounds 3 ounces and is approximately 23 inches long.  She still eats every 2-3 hours during the day, but after her 9pm-ish meal she sleeps till about 4:30am.  Some days, like today, she sleeps until 6am! She is an easy baby too!  We always thought Ila was an easy baby, but comparatively, Chessidy wins!  She pretty much only cries if she is hungry and if she is awake and wants to be snuggled up in blanket with her pacifier to drift off to sleep.  She sleeps anywhere and everywhere and the more noise the better!  She is not a gassy baby, and we have not had a "cry for no reason" session with her yet!  She is not nearly as playful as Ila was though, which can throw Daddy for a loop sometimes.  She is not the biggest fan of "flying" or sudden loud noises.  She scares easily and likes to be held close.  Chessidy hates her car seat (I guess that's another reason she cries) and will scream until the car is moving.  Once we pull out of the driveway though she is usually a happy camper!  She loves being rocked and bounced.  She loves the bath and the shower.  She still dislikes getting her diaper changed but is learning to deal with it. As for milestones she had started smiling big, goofy smiles.  She coo's and just today she started leaning forward in her little seat, like she wanted to sit up. No giggles yet, but they will come soon I am sure!

Chessidy's big sister is stepping into the role quite nicely.  Ila is trying to teach Chessidy about being more quiet ("Chessidy, that's too loud!" I hear quite often when Chessidy is wailing.).  Ila also likes to help Chessidy retrieve her fallen pacifier and fetch mommy more spit up rags. Other than her big sister duties, you can often find Ila playing with her animals (pronounced aMinals), reading books, counting and running around outside (and inside!).  We're working on letter recognition and also on writing letters.  She still is napping every day (praise the Lord) but she likes to fight nap time (boooo!).  She loves brushing her hair, my hair, your hair, anyone's hair.  She is fully potty trained (with occasional accidents of course) and is sleeping through the night more and more.  She picks out her own pajamas and can put the bottom half on without help, and the top half on with at least some verbal help.  She is talking up a storm and catches me off guard daily with a new saying or with the hilarious way she puts sentences together.  Her newest thing she has finally learned is to say "no thank you" instead of just "no."  This has been good and bad since our non-requests are often answered with a "no thank you."  She'll learn soon enough to differentiate between questions and commands though!  My absolute favorite thing she says these days is in her greetings.  When Aunt Telcia comes over she says "Oh, hi Aunt Telcia!"  Everyone is greeted with "Oh, hi _________!"  It's pretty cute and everyone seems to love it as much as I do!  Ila calls every meal dinner and she loves having snacks.  Treats are of course awesome, as is lemon-aid, bubbles (sparkling cider) and apple juice.  If you put a drink in a fancy cup, you'll be her favorite person for at least five minutes.  Ila also has enough hair now to do some cute hair-dos!  She loves pony tails.

My girls are sure growing like crazy.  Chessidy's physical growth is more noticeable than Ila's and Ila's mental growth is more noticeable than Chessidy's.

Trent has been working like crazy these past few weeks.  That is good because he gets time and a half for over time and not good because we get to missing him.  His employers really appreciate him though, and he likes his job so it is all good!

I also just got a part time job!  I'm going to be working for Living Earth (Trent's employers) too.  They needed someone to do routing and public relations and some paper work, and Trent told them I would be great at it.  Since I can do it from home, I was super excited to take the job when they offered it to me.    After I learn the system I'll probably just have a few hours one day a week that I commit to being at the office, but the rest of the time I'll work from home.  I really like the sort of work they need done, and it will be nice to have extra income for sure.  I start tomorrow.  I get to bring Chessidy with me and Ila will go play with Aunt Telcia.  Next week I will have to spend a few hours at the office every day to get it all figured out, but then I'll be free to work from home.  I'm thinking it will be about 10 hours a week, which I will do in the morning before the girls are up and during nap time. That way once Trent gets home from work, we'll have family time.

So there is the latest and greatest from us!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hey, What's That Up Your Nose?

When you nurse a baby every 2 hours for about 20 minutes your toddler has that much time to be mischievous.  I try entertaining Ila while I nurse Chessidy, but sometimes it just doesn't work.  I'm thankful that Ila often times entertains herself and stays out of trouble, but what toddler wouldn't pass up 20 minutes of less watchful parenting every once in awhile?

I've decided to keep a journal (in blog form of course) on mischievous-ish things Ila does.  Once Chessidy is old enough I'm sure she'll make the list as well.  So here we are with our first ever "Hey, What's That Up Your Nose?"

Let's start with how I got the name for the blog.  Last week, Ila, after going poo in the potty and requesting a lemon drop sat down to watch a movie while I nursed Chessidy.  Ten minutes into nursing Chessidy, Ila walked up to me saying something about her lemon drop and requesting to blow her nose.  I wasn't sure what she was getting at exactly but her face appeared to be quite sticky and she was asking again and again to blow her nose.  I didn't have anything for her to blow into, so I asked her to wait.  As she stood there, continuing to talk I realized that she had possibly stuck her half gone lemon drop up her nose.  So I did what any mom would do in that situation, I plugged the nostril she was not pointing to and told her to blow (I'll take this opportunity to thank my husband for teaching Ila to blow her nose!).  Sure enough, a lemon drop came shooting out of her nose.  She excitedly ran after it and picked it up, but I stopped her from putting it in her mouth because 1. eww gross and 2. (and more importantly) she needed to know that girls who stick lemon drops up their noses do NOT get rewarded!  I worried that this "put things up my nose" incident wouldn't be the last, but we went the rest of the week and weekend with clear noses.

Today I sat down to nurse Chessidy while Ila watched Monsters Inc.  She was enjoying a nice healthy snack of apple slices.  What happened next may seem like de' ja' vu, because it pretty much was.  Ila walked up to me and talked about her apple and wanted to blow her nose.  So I plugged the nostril and asked her to blow and out shot an apple chunk!  That one shot so fast we didn't see where it landed. I'm sure I'll find it when I clean the floors tomorrow, unless she found it and ate it without my knowledge.

I had a talk with Ila about how we should not put things in our nose, and so did Trent, so here's to hoping she gets the memo!