Thursday, July 29, 2010

Flying time, here's month 9! By: Nicole Becker

Well, it still amazes me that Ila can grow so much in a months time. She is still crawling all over the place but lately prefers to pull herself up to anything she can. Couches, chairs, barstools, and in her bed of course. She is just starting to move along whatever she is holding on to but still seems timid to move much once standing. It won't be long till she is walking all over the place!

A few weeks ago Ila learned how to wave hello and goodbye. She needed someone to wave at her first then she would wave back. Now shes learned to wave when she hears the word "hi" or "bye!" It is the cutest thing, and we are proud of her awesome development. She has two waves; the full straight arm wave, and the small hand opening and closing wave.

Ila has also been enjoying more and more foods and has a love for noodles. This is no surprise to us, since she has had a liking to all danglingly things such as string, fringe, shoelaces and bag straps, since birth. Watching her feed herself noodles is entertaining for everyone but especially exciting to Ila!

We went on our first "vacation" a few weeks ago. I say "vacation" because it was not really a vacation, but a trip up to Spokane for a wedding. We went with Grandma and Grandpa and stayed at a hotel. Ila was great the whole time we were gone. The wedding was during her bedtime but she was super happy the whole time, and quickly fell asleep when we got in the car at 10pm.

Ila now weighs 20 pounds has grown another inch since last month. She seems to be getting longer and thinner the last week or so. the last 5 days Ila has had her first real sickness. A common virus in babies called Roseola. She had a fever for 4 days and then broke out in a rash all over the place. Apparently the rash is a good thing as it marks the end of being contagious and the end of the virus symptoms: swollen glands, sore throat and high fever. We are delighted to see her returning to her normal, happy self. She was a bit grouchy when under the weather, as we all are.

July was a very productive month for some friends. We have now had six friends have babies all in the month of July! Talk about a baby boom! We are looking forward to introducing Ila to as many as possible of her new baby friends soon!

Keep on growing little Ila, we love you!