Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My hilarious 3 year old by Nicole

Ila, is hilarious.  This week she's been on a roll with some pretty amazing sayings.  We've been writing them down in her baby book, but I figured you'd all like to hear her awesomeness as well.

We've been teaching Chessidy baby signs this past week.  We've been focusing on "more" and "all done."  The more sign is taking your fingertips and tapping them together.  All done, you put your hands up in the air.  We (Ila and I) had been going over and over "all done" and showing Chessidy the sign again and again.
Ila got up to the table to eat her lunch and all of a sudden said, "I got it mommy!  Put your hands short and stout!" and proceeded to show me the all done sign.  She was referring to Chessidy's arms, looking very short and stout, like the tea pot, when they are up in the air, because they are so short!  We had a good laugh about that one!

On Sunday, Ila and I went to lunch with some friends from church.  Our pastor, Jim, and his wife were with us and Ila requested a hug and kiss from them when they were leaving.  Jim came and gave her a hug and she grabbed his face and kissed his lips and then said "That was a GOOD kiss!"  To which Jim replied,  "Why thank you!!!"  The table erupted in laughter.

On Monday Ila was playing with her two barbies, Ariel and Rapunzel.  They were chatting away and this happened.
Ila: Oh, hi, Ariel.  Do you want to draw a picture?
Ariel (by Ila): NO! I CAN'T! MY HANDS ARE TOO SMALL!!!

Ila left Ariel alone for a few minutes to cool down and just played with Rapunzel.

I can't wait to hear what she comes up with next.  This is one hilarious 3 year old we've got!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What is being a big sister all about? by Nicole

As the baby of the family I obviously never got to experience being an older sibling.  Having only a brother I also never experienced childhood with a sister (thankfully I am experiencing adulthood with several sisters, they sure are great!).  This has lead me to wonder: what on earth is going on in Ila's head these days.

We've had a rough two weeks.  I know it's partly cabin fever, and missing school like crazy (she asks at least twice a day if she can go to school!) but the other reasons I have no idea where they are coming from.  She can morph from a sweet, helpful, respectful child into quite the opposite in a matter of  minutes.  She has all of a sudden become jealous of Chessidy and would prefer if everyone just ignored Chessidy and paid attention to HER!  She is being mean to Chessidy more often as well, and that is the hardest thing to figure out and deal with!

Today I've been a bit under the weather, and that lead to a situation where I asked Ila to play with Chessidy IN the play & pack.  I was sitting in the chair right next to the P&P, and I'm certainly glad I was.  There was pushing, toy steeling, screaming, and overall unkind behavior coming from Ila, directed at Chessidy.  After a few minutes of this "play" time was over and we all had snuggle time instead.  I sat there holding my two girls, in opposite arms and wondered how it feels to be asked to play with your little sister, when you have grand ideas for play time that DON'T involve said sister.

I don't want to make this sound terrible, 90% of the time Ila and Chessidy spend playing together it is a happy & fun time.  Ila is VERY helpful with Chessidy and Chessidy ADORES Ila, as all little sisters adore their big sister!  They laugh so much together and have so much fun.

I just wonder what goes on in Ila's head when I say "Ila, please got play with Chessidy." or "Ila, will you talk to Chessidy while mommy does _______ please?"  or "Oh, Ila, grab that from Chessidy, quick!" as Chessidy finds something dangerous and it's approaching her mouth and I'm on the other side of the room!  Ila is so quick to listen when I ask her these things, but I want to know WHAT and HOW she feels about it.  I'm guessing that the 90% of the time they get along when I ask Ila to help, Ila GENUINELY loves it!  She is a bit bossy and very independent  I'm sure it's nice to have permission and even have Mommy ASK for help with Chessidy.  I'm starting to think that the 10% of the time it doesn't go well is those times when Ila has bigger and better plans for her time.

That leads me to this thought:  I should stop the poor behavior when I see it and ASK Ila why she is making bad choices.  That does not necessarily mean she will get to go do whatever she wanted to do, but at least we'll be talking about it.  It's important that kids learn to obey and listen, even when they don't want too.  And it's important to teach them to think of others before themselves too!  I do however, need to be more mindful of what is going on in Ila's mind and help her to communicate that.

I'm hoping this will help the negative behavior I've seen more of these past few weeks.  Any big sisters out there have thoughts on the matter?