Friday, April 30, 2010

Ila is 6 months old!

I've been inspired by one of my friends, and bloggers to write this blog for Ila! Thanks Bobbinoggin :)

Ila, You are 6 months old now! Congratulations! You love playing in your Bounce Bounce baby and think it's pretty cool when you touch a button and music plays.

You love chewing on things and will put anything and everything in your mouth!

People say that you are a very vocal baby, and your daddy and I love that about you. You mostly make "hooo" sounds, like an owl, when you are playing by yourself.

You sing along with music and even dance! It's really precious.

You eat every 4 hours during the day and sometimes go 6-7 hours at night. When you wake up in the morning, it's not to eat, but to play! After about an hour of playing you are ready for breakfast and then it's back to bed for another 2 hours or so. You wake up talking and happy! You eat rice cereal in the evening time and a little bit of Squash. You like the cereal more, but nursing is the greatest thing ever to you.

You can sit up all by yourself now. You can even suck on your toes and then sit back up, instead of falling on your face! You fall over after about 10 minutes of sitting, but I think you do it on purpose.

When you are on your belly you can turn in circles.

You love love looking in the mirror and think that the little baby you see in there is pretty funny.

You fill every day with Joy fr your parents, and anyone else who is around! You don't mind strangers on bit, and will let anyone hold you (as long as mommy says so!). You are happy, and friendly and we love you!

Happy 6 months (yesterday!).

Friday, April 9, 2010

Since I last blogged, we have moved back to Idaho! We planned on being in Louisiana for 6 months, so when our time there was done, we packed up our van (that we got, after selling our car) and hit the road!
Our trek across the country went really well and Ila got to meet lots of family on the way. First we stopped in Kansas City, Missouri and stayed with the Kelly's (our pastor from college and his wife, my best friend). Then it was onto Fort Morgan, Colorado where we stayed with my mother's parents and Ila had a great time meeting her great grandparents! We also got to see Trent's cousin Tyler while we were there. Then we headed up Casper mountain to visit Trent's cousin and her 7 kids! Trent's parents were also there, enjoying winter activities like snowmobiling and dog sledding, and working on house stuff for their spring breaks!
We just missed a large snow storm as we headed into Idaho, driving through the Teton Mountains, which were BEAUTIFUL! We were pleased to make Idaho Ila's 7 state she has ever been in.
Since we've been back in Idaho, we have enjoyed seeing family and introducing Ila to all sorts of people. She really seems to be a social baby, and doesn't mind being passed around, and having everyone make crazy faces and sounds at her. It's really nice to have such a sweet baby! Her best friend is Haro, her cousin that is 2 days younger then her. They like to sit on the ground, facing each other and babble back and forth. The other day Haro was fussy, and every time he let out a whine, Ila started talking to him. It was so cute. Tawna, (Haro's mom and Trent's sister) and I just knew that Ila was telling Haro that everything was alright, and that there was no need to fuss!
So Ila and I stay busy meeting up with friends and family, while Trent continues the job search of a lifetime. He has also stayed very busy painting my parents kitchen, and ripping the floors out. He will stay busy this week by tiling the floors in there. He also organized my dad's tool bench. He loves to work, and is anxious to get a job!
Developmentally, Ila is doing just great! She can sit up (with supervision) and grab things and put them in her mouth. She loves to laugh and smile, and play peek-a-boo. She eats rice cereal once a day, and may start eating oatmeal once a day here pretty soon. She loves to sneeze, which is really cute! Her new favorite thing is a baby bouncer, with toys all around it. She loves to stand in it and try to eat everything attached to it. She is 5 months old, weighs 17-18 pounds has moved into size 6-9 months.
So that's the latest from these Idaho Beckers! Hope you all are well :)