Monday, September 6, 2010

10 Months Old, by Trent & Nicole Becker

Well well well. Ila is 10 months old and loving
every minute of it. Well, almost every
minute of it.
We celebrated 40 weeks of being out of the womb on August 5th. Ila didn't seem to be phased about the fact that she'd been post birth longer than she was a fetus / embryo.

Ila likes to crawl, walk along furniture and stand all by herself when distracted with a toy. She sits down when she realizes she is standing though. We're hoping she gains confidence soon,
because she has all the muscles and balance to walk, she just needs to be brave!

She is a brave little whistler though, and she'll also bravely do almost anything she sees someone else doing. But if you really want to see how brave she is check out this picture of her chilling out in the stock pot on top of the wood stove!

While Ila was turning 10 months old she was sharing celebrations with some
future friends, Emanuelle Keafer (6 weeks old), Leo Tschida (8 weeks old), Jonathan Waters (4
months old). Coincidently, they all turned their respective ages on Sunday, August 29th, 2010, while we were celebrating together. It's a coincidence because we hadn't planned to celebrate all of these milestones in their ages, but rather that we had all done so much with our lives since graduating / parting company back in May of 2007.

All 3 of us had a wonderful time re / connecting with the ol' Idaho Gang, and we look forward to opportunities in the future to do the same.

In the mean
time, however, we're busy getting settled in our new place here in Twin Falls. We are still finding time to enjoy the summer as is winds down. Below is a picture of Nicole and Ila at Shoshone Falls. It was Ila's first experience at a waterfall.