Monday, March 11, 2013

The best homemade Fish Tacos you'll ever make/eat!

Nicole's Fish Tacos

Here is what you need:
heavy cream, half and half or fat free half and half
mayo, sour cream or plain greek yogurt
2 habenero peppers
4-6 cloves garlic
2 bunches cilantro
white fish (4 large pieces of tilapia was enough for the 3 of us)
corn tortillas
finely shredded cabbage (they sell packages of shredded cabbage at the store. the also have coleslaw packages, which would work, but I found the cabbage by itself.)
1/4-1/2 onion
2-3 limes
chili powder
dried oregano
dried dill
olive oil

Awesome sauce
-1 c. mayo, plain greek yogurt or sour cream
-1 c. heavy cream, half and half or fat free half and half
-4-6 cloves garlic (keep in mind that the garlic flavor will get stronger the longer it sits in the fridge, and you will have leftovers)
-1 bunch fresh cilantro
-2 habanero peppers, seeded *USE GLOVES WHEN YOU HANDLE THESE BABIES.  THE WILL BURN YOUR SKIN LIKE CRAZY IF YOU DON'T! (You can use 3 peppers if you REALLY want some kick, but beware that this sauce gets hotter the longer it sits in the fridge and you WILL have leftovers and you WILL want to eat it!)
-Salt to taste. I used approximately 1.5 tsp. sea salt
-One whole lime (the juice from the lime that is, squeeze every last drop out of it!)

Throw it all in a Cuisinart (or blender) until everything is finely chopped and well mixed. Refrigerate while you cook the rest of the meal so it can set-up.

*It WILL be runny if you choose NOT to use mayonnaise and heavy cream, but it will be just as tasty!
**This sauce IS spicy, but not dunk your tongue in milk spicy.  My toddler eats some on her tacos, but if you can't handle any heat, reduce the amount of habanero's.  I do not recommend leaving them out entirely though, as the flavor they give is important and good!

4 large tilapia fillets, or other white fish
Sprinkle on top of fish:
1.5 tsp cumin (or more!)
1 tsp chili powder (or more!)
some oregano
some dill
squeeze half a lime on fish
drizzle a little bit of olive oil on top.

Stir and cut up the fish while it's cooking (mine looks like the shredded/ground fish when it's done, which sounds terrible but tastes great!). Cook on stove top till done.

*You can fry your fish and/or keep it in big chunks if you'd like.  I just find this cooking method to be much healthier and quicker and just as tasty! I think my parents even used fish sticks one night and they had no complains.

How to dress them:
-Heat some corn tortillas up
-put a spoonful of sauce on each tortilla 
-add a little bit of tomato based salsa if you want, or pico de gallo, or not at all
-add raw diced onion
-fresh diced cilantro
-fresh lime wedge squeezed over it

ENJOY! We put extra (and I mean extra, I like every bite to be DRIPPING with sauce!) sauce on our plates for dipping.  I usually serve it with Mexican rice and beans. 

Just one more note, this makes a lot of sauce. We only used half of it. So if you make this for more then 2 people, double the fish and toppings, but not the sauce! It's also a yummy chip dip, chicken taco topping and enchilada topping!