Monday, November 28, 2011

5 smells I currently can't get enough of.

Today I've been thinking about smells. As you may know, pregnant women have much more sensitive sniffers then a normal person. This usually seems to be a negative aspect of pregnancy, but today, I'm thinking about how it is also good. It is good, because smells I usually like, I LOVE and I also get to experience a new level of aroma with other things. So here is it, my current list of things I LOVE to smell, and aromas that I find very pleasing.

COFFEE. I walk by the section in the grocery store multiple times and inhale deeply. I was given a bag the other day, and I smelled and smelled and smelled it and tried to absorb as much flavor through my nostrils as possible.

ILA'S HAIR. I love this smell because it means I'm probably snuggling with her, which is a rare treat due to the activity level of a 2 year old.

CARMALIZING ONIONS. I carmalized some last night for a batch of spaghetti, and decided that French Onion Soup NEEDED to be made to following night for dinner, so it's on the stove cooking away now!

LAUNDRY AT MY MOM'S HOUSE. Tide and snuggle. It's really the best scent you can give your clothes. So I bought some snuggle when we got back home, because I missed the smell!

TRENT'S CLOTHES. This sounds weird right after talking about the smell laundry gives our clothes, but Trent's clothes hold onto this delicious almost wood type smell. We call it his scent, and it is delicious.

Any smells you are currently loving?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

That month flew by!

So much has been happening since I told you all about our silly little girl over a month ago. That silly girl is now 2 years old,
and that comes with extra sas and attitude and a whole new desire for independence and freedom! Since our little Ila turned 2 she has had the flu, which she shared with her daddy and Boise Grandparetns, but (praise the Lord!) not with her mommy. She made a new best friend...a kitten named Draco, who she follows all over my parents house, picks him up, pets him, feeds him and chases him. She spent 3 days with second cousins and had a blast, but towards the end of the time she started thinking that being the only kid around just might be better!
Here she is with several second cousins, and her Granny!

I suppose 2 solid years of being the only kiddo in our house, and also the limited time she spends with other kids her age has affected her patience for putting up with others! She didnt throw fits or anything like that, she just started sqwaking in the kids faces when they tried to pick her up and she played on her own a bit more. She'll learn the joys of having a sibling in another 5ish months though, which will be good for all of us! She's also had an ear infection :( and celebrated her 3rd Thanksgiving.

What have Trent and I been up to? Well, we have been BUSY, busy BuSY spending time with family, working, catching up with friends and parenting. Trent did a 2 week loft project for my parents with his dad. It turned out great (see facebook for the photos). We spent from Ila's birthday till the day after Trent's birthday in Idaho on above mentioned project. We are finally back home, which is nice, although an adjustment to getting back into the time management of getting to town and what not!

Trent is still on the job search, and also on a "what do I REALLY want to do with my career" search. His spirits are high, but I know that figuring out the next step in our lives is something we both want NOW! We get to work on patience though, as we wait for direction, as we wait for answers, and as we wait for opportunities. It is a hard place to be in, but we have the Lord leading our steps which makes everything so much better!
Trent on his birthday

I am doing great these days. Our baby in utero has been moving so much the past few days which has been exciting. My morning sickness ended about 3 weeks ago, so it lasted 15 weeks. It was a very rough 15 weeks and I've got to say that the world seems a brighter place now! I'm enjoying having an appetite, but being very mindful about portions and snacking because I currently feel like a beautiful pregnant woman, and would like to maintain that attitude. It will be much easier to maintain that attitude about myself if I don't gain loads of excess weight! My doctor and I discussed the right amount to gain, and I am certainly trying to stay to that amount! Self control is a beautiful thing to work on all the time really.

So there you have it!