Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Becker Update!

I figured it was about time for an update of the goings on here.  

She is four months now, weighing in at 17 pounds and stretching to 25 inches long.  She eats rice cereal before bed and sometimes she loves it, and other times she hates it.  She enjoys her Johnny Jump up and her jumping saucer and her bumpo.  She likes to be UP.  But I would too after pretty much laying for 4 months.  She smiles, and makes all sorts of fun "talking" sounds.  She LOVES Ila, and smiles whenever she sees her.  She likes baths, showers and clean diapers.  You can almost always find her chewing on her hands.  Boy does she love those hands!  She is also figuring out that she has control over those hands of hers.  She pinches quite often (not on purpose) and dang does it hurt!  She is so cute though, that no one seems to mind!  She is overall a very content baby.  We are currently struggling with bed time, but we'll work thought it.  She wants to be held and nursed to sleep, and that's just not how we roll, so we're working through that together.  I'm tickled that her name fits what she is in this family so well; delight!

Ila will be 3 in 2 months!  That is crazy to me.  My little baby is growing up!  She in weighing in at 30 pounds.  Ila is speaking pretty clearly these days, and getting better and better at communicating.   She is sleeping in her big girl bed, and we've only had once accident so far!  She goes through spurts of wanting to nap and not wanting to nap.  Her latest thing that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside is that she likes to  "cuddle!"  She asks me to cuddle with her and I LOVE it!  She also asks if she can "hold me" which really means she wants me to hold her.  She is such a good big sister to Chessidy and a big help to me.  She can be super mischievous, especially when she is slightly bored, so I try to keep her busy, busy, busy!  She starts pre-school next week.  It's a toddler lab at CSI, and we are all looking forward to her 4 hours at school every week.  Ila daily asks us to go to church, and I think she'll be asking to go to school as well here in a few days!  Her current favorite foods are american cheese slices (trent brought some home from work one day and she was HOOKED!), shrimp and noodles, rice, fish, blueberries, strawberries and gummy bears.  She loves watering the trees with daddy, swinging, being chased and playing with her "aminals."  Her favorite book is Llama Llama Red Pajama, which has a picture of the author on the back.  She thinks the author looks like Aunt Tawna, so every time we read the book she hugs and kisses Aunt Tawna.  

Trent will we 33 in 3 months!  I'm not sure what he weighs these days, but I'm guessing about 165.  He is staying busy at work, but thankfully getting a bit more home time these days!  The spraying season is wrapping up and so are the 14ish hour days! When he is not at work you can find him relaxing inside, working outside and/or playing with the girls.  

I will be 27.5 in 2 months!  I'm weighing less every time I weigh myself, which is nice.  I'm feeling SO MUCH BETTER since having my gall bladder out, and for that I'm super thankful.  I am almost all healed up, but when I stretch, I can feel those incision spots pulling apart (well, that's what it feels like) and that hurts, so I try to avoid doing that.  I am back in the swing of things with my house duties though, and it has felt good to put a home cooked meal (by me) on the table the last few nights.  I am hoping to start swimming again next monday and get my muscles back to feeling good (because your muscles feel good when you swim laps!).  Other than that, I can't think of much more to report on.

So there you have it.  We are one happy family here in the Becker house.  Here is a picture of us at Chessidy's baby dedication we had a few weeks ago:

Friday, August 24, 2012

Hey, what's that up your nose? #3

I'm pretty much at a loss for words. This all happened while I was changing a poopy diaper and putting Chessidy in her bassinet for a nap.

Do you know what that is?

I only took pictures of one hand....

have you figured out what is all over her hands yet?

those are my toes....which I painted last night, and then forgot to put the polish away.

"Ila, what are you doing?" I called out from the bedroom as I changed Chessidy's diaper.  "I'm painting, mommy!"  You'd think that would get me running out to see what she was painting, right?  Nope, not me.  I finished changing the diaper and put Chessidy in bed while I tried to figure out if Ila had said "painting" or "cleaning" and what she could be "painting" or "cleaning."  I found out.  I'll take most of the blame for this incident.  Who in their right mind would leave nail polish out with a toddler running around?  I guess I wasn't in my right mind...

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hey, what's that up your nose? #2

I've actually got three stories to write on "hey, what's that up your nose?"  For today I'll give you just one!

Yesterday, while I was nursing Chessidy,

        Look at the awesome smile!

 Ila went off to her room to play with toys.
yeah, you are super cute!

I love when she does this, and I sneak down the hallway to see her talking and playing with her animals like kids should. It is so sweet!  This, unfortunately, was not one of those times.

As Chessidy was coming close to finishing, I heard Ila laughing and talking about something getting clean.  At first I didn't think it was a big deal...but then I heard those four little words: He's getting a bath!" That shot me up out of my seat, I popped the little one down (she was close enough to done that she didn't object, thankfully!) and sprinted to the......


If you have had or do have toddlers, you know that this is THE LAST PLACE you want to find them playing alone.

There she was.  Standing on her stool at the sink, naked, and giving her one of her cars a bath.  Water was POURING over the sink on the floor and there was already about half and inch of standing water in the bathroom.  Our sink does not have an overflow drain, blurg.  The regular drain was clogged with mounds of toilet paper.

Thankfully the casualties were only 3 rolls for toilet paper.  I managed to save the other 4 that were out.  The amount of water I cleaned up completely soaked 2 very large bath towels and Ila's clothes that she decided to take off for bath time.

I sure love my sweet toddler, but she can sure be mischievous.

You know you can be mischievous!

That, I am CERTAIN, she gets from her father!
"What? Me?  No....never!"