Monday, August 19, 2013

Chessidy is 16 months old!

On August 20th, Chessidy will be 16 months old!  My sweet baby girl, who really is a toddler, is such a baby at heart still.  I am partially to blame for that.  I probably baby her more than I should, partly because I haven't had a baby around for so long (so it seems) and the other because somewhere, deep inside of me, I feel a little guilty that Chessidy only gets to be the baby of the family for 16 months.  Probably a silly thing to feel, but I recognize these feelings, and remember that God has a plan for our family, and this is part of it!

Eating some chips after enjoying a teething biscuit.
At 16 months, Chessidy walks, runs, climbs, spins and gets into all sorts of trouble.  She is in that stage of exploration that puts a mother on edge. I'm always (trying) watching and hoping I'll be there to catch her before she falls. It's good to let them fall sometimes, but other times, it's best to catch them.  Chessidy loves to do things that Ila does, and lately that is jumping from one section of the couch to the other.  Unfortunately, Chessidy can't jump, and really just steps off the couch, which often ends with tears, bumps and bruises.  

Climbing on big sisters bed.
Chessidy has an amazing appetite, and out eats Ila at every meal.  She is not the least bit picky about what she eats, but she is VERY demanding about having food the moment she sees it or smells it. The hard thing for Chessidy is chewing, as she only has three teeth.  Yes, you heard me right, THREE teeth at 16 months is pretty dismal.  She is currently working on five though, and that makes her grouch and irritable.

Chessidy camping in Yellowstone
Chessidy LOVES to cuddle, and be held.  She gives the BEST kisses in the world.  If you ask her for a kiss, she puckers up and waits for you to lay one on her. If you ask her to cuddle or for a hug, she'll gladly do that too.  She often wants to be read too, and the moment she gets on your lap she settles in for the story by laying her head against the reader.  When she watched Baby Einstein with Ila, she will lay her head back on the pillow, and lounge, or lay her head on Ila.  

With her favorite play buddies!
As for communicating, Chessidy is doing great.  She has a vocabulary consisting of the normal words her age speaks, and she says  "Ila" so clearly.  She still signs a few words, but she is also speaking them more and more.  Chessidy is very vocal, about everything!  This often means you'll hear her yelling, squawking, or growling.  We are working on some of these choices, and trying to teach other ways to communicate her frustrations, but being patient with her, as we should be!  

Posing for the camera.
I have to tell you about Chessidy's silliness.  She is a ham.  She KNOWS when she is being funny, and will laugh at herself.  No matter how upset she is (mid-fit even) you can get her to laugh by tickling her feet or swinging her upside down.  She is adventurous, and tough!  Ila and Chessidy wrestle with each other and rough house often.  Sometimes it doesn't go well, but most of the time it's full of laughter and sequels of delight!

A beauty and a ham!
I'm sure I haven't really captured the essence of Chessidy with this blog, because she is just so full of light and joy it's hard to explain.  Her name is so perfect for her, because she really is a delight to be around!  I look forward to seeing her learn about being a big sister, and she has a great big sister to teach her all the ropes.

Hanging out with Ila in the morning!


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  1. The picture with Ila (in bed) is my favorite! So precious! I love you, Chessidy Light (Kesed Delight)